With social distancing being set by the government in all public areas, massive waiting lines were formed in front of every first-necessity shops at peak times, which causes overcrowding in shops and increases the risk of contamination. How can we do to reduce those waiting lines, avoid overcrowding and at the same time reduce the risk of contamination for both customers and employees?

What it does

Safeline is an application that aims to limit waiting lines and regulate the number of people in the store with registration. Store owners propose time slots with a number of customers they think they can welcome in all safety. As a result both the customer experience and work conditions will be improve with a true feeling of security. Safeline will make shopping easier and safer for everyone.

How I built it

We worked with a computer science school named ETNA to build our current application and API. We are still at the application's very early stages of development. The app was built with react-native, node.js, laravel and phpmyadmin.

Challenges I ran into

We were not sure how we could develop our application. Luckily, we were helped by ETNA, but we still need to work hard on it to build more features.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Safeline reached the 3rd place at the Hackcovid19 hackathon on the 12th of april. It all started with an idea, and today we have an app!

What I learned

We learnt how to make a good pitch for our project and the ways we could legally protect our project, and learnt about many aspects of entrepreneurship. We have met persons from all walks of life and they gave us precious advice to help us make our project real.

What's next for Safeline

We are looking for retail stores owners to improve and test Safeline. We are also thinking of ways to implement high-tech tools such as Artificial Intelligence to aid both store owners as well as regular users.

A beta version will downloadable in the coming weeks. We are still looking for retail shop owners to test our platform.

We wish to help non-essential store owners to aid them during their reopening. Safeline will help them avoid overcrowding and will help them have a consistent flow of customers.

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