Many children face the problem of having a fear of the dark. They may refuse to enter dark rooms, and they may have with issue sleeping because of their fear. This can be lead to health issues (sleep deprivation) for both the child and their parents, guardians, or siblings.

What it does

SafeLight is an intuitive, handheld nightlight for children with a fear of the dark. It has a NightLight mode and a FlashLight mode: NightLight will automatically light up to an appropriate color to protect the user's eyes, such as red in a ark room or blue in a lit room; the flashlight illuminates a white light on button press.

How I built it

A photoresistor controls the red and blue led and lights up the appropriate led according to the photoresistor readings.A simple button circuit controls the white led.

Challenges I ran into

I built my entire circuit onto a shield that stopped working, thus causing me to take apart and rebuild my circuit.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud I was able to get a project done while in the middle of a school week.

What I learned

I got better at using photoresistors to control circuits.

What's next for SafeLight

I would like to continue this project as fully developed, handheld tool, with smaller circuitry and a 3D printed case.

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