"As a woman who has lived in New York City for 5 years, it is unfair that I feel inclined to call an Uber when I'm trying to go home late at night on my own. I have an unlimited MetroCard, so there is really no reason that I shouldn't want to take public transportation. However, due to being sexually harassed on numerous occasions, I'd rather spend money on an Uber than to risk being sexually harassed/assaulted on my way home. It is unfair that I have to make this choice for my own safety and we all know that this issue, almost exclusively, affects women and gender minorities. Safelet is a discrete accessory that links to your phone via Bluetooth and will be paired with an app, to alert authorities in a discreet manner. An additional feature is that Safelet will be able to voice record to help domestic abuse/sexual assault survivors feel more empowered to report the situation to authorities and to have the issue handled at a judicial level." -Angie

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