In the “new normal” that COVID-19 has caused us to adapt to, our group found that a common challenge we faced was deciding where it was safe to go to complete trivial daily tasks, such as grocery shopping or eating out on occasion. We were inspired to create a mobile app using a database created completely by its users - a program where anyone could rate how well these “hubs” were following COVID-19 safety protocol.

What it does

Our app allows for users to search a “hub” using a Google Map API, and write a review by rating prompted questions on a scale of 1 to 5 regarding how well the location enforces public health guidelines. Future visitors can then see these reviews and add their own, contributing to a collective safety rating.

How I built it

We collaborated using Github and Android Studio, and incorporated both a Google Maps API as well integrated Firebase API.

Challenges I ran into

Our group unfortunately faced a number of unprecedented challenges, including losing a team member mid-hack due to an emergency situation, working with 3 different timezones, and additional technical difficulties. However, we pushed through and came up with a final product we are all very passionate about and proud of!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of how well we collaborated through adversity, and having never met each other in person before. We were able to tackle a prevalent social issue and come up with a plausible solution that could help bring our communities together, worldwide, similar to how our diverse team was brought together through this opportunity.

What I learned

Our team brought a wide range of different skill sets to the table, and we were able to learn lots from each other because of our various experiences. From a technical perspective, we improved on our Java and android development fluency. From a team perspective, we improved on our ability to compromise and adapt to unforeseen situations. For 3 of us, this was our first ever hackathon and we feel very lucky to have found such kind and patient teammates that we could learn a lot from. The amount of knowledge they shared in the past 24 hours is insane.

What's next for SafeHubs

Our next steps for SafeHubs include personalizing user experience through creating profiles, and integrating it into our community. We want SafeHubs to be a new way of staying connected (virtually) to look out for each other and keep our neighbours safe during the pandemic.

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