Recently, there have been multiple instances of intruders trespassing and attempting to break in in the neighborhoods around RIT. Typically residents rely on social media such as facebook or word of mouth to alert neighbors. This is slow and inefficient, especially with multiple groups in the case of adjoining neighborhoods.


SafeHive attempts to address this problem in a community-centric way. Users with security cameras allow other users in their proximity to "subscribe" to them. The system uses state of the art computer vision algorithms from the Google Cloud Platform to detect intruders and record clips. The owner of the camera is then asked to review the clip. If they see an intruder, they can simultaneously notify everyone subscribed to them and alert law enforcement. We believe that the ability to react and notify neighbors seconds after the intrusion will be crucial for apprehending the culprit. All users in the "hive"(even users without security cameras) get a degree of safety and the hive works together towards a safer neighborhood.

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