Inspiration My inspiration for this project came from Hurricane Ida, which heavily impacted where I live. I saw as business got flooded, and people where crying for help on the street, and I saw on the news how disaster relief services couldn't get there in time to save everyone. So I wanted to create an application that would help with this.

What it does My app helps with the response and recovery from a natural disaster, giving real time information about the situation, evacuation, and having an early warning system.

How we built it My project is a business plan, so I created it using google slides mostly.

Challenges we ran into I ran into challenges about what group of people specifically I wanted to target, ending up with choosing people in developmental countries.

Accomplishments that we're proud of Proud of completion

What we learned Learned how disasters impact economies

What's next for SAFEGUARD To build as an app.

Built With

  • slides
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