After learning about the current shortcomings of disaster response platforms, we wanted to build a modernized emergency services system to assist relief organizations and local governments in responding faster and appropriately.

What it does

safeFront is a cross between next-generation 911 and disaster response management. Our primary users are local governments and relief organizations. The safeFront platform provides organizations and governments with the crucial information that is required for response, relief, and recovery by organizing and leveraging incoming disaster related data.

How we built it

safeFront was built using React for the web dashboard and a Flask service housing the image classification and natural language processing models to process the incoming mobile data.

Challenges we ran into

Ranking urgency of natural disasters and their severity by reconciling image recognition, language processing, and sentiment analysis on mobile data and reported it through a web dashboard. Most of the team didn't have a firm grasp on React components, so building the site was how we learned React.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Built a full stack web application and a functioning prototype from scratch.

What we learned

Stepping outside of our comfort zone is, by nature, uncomfortable. However, we learned that we grow the most when we cross that line.

What's next for SafeFront

We'd like to expand our platform for medical data, local transportation delays, local river level changes, and many more ideas. We were able to build a fraction of our ideas this weekend, but we hope to build additional features in the future.

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