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Executive Summary

Our project will be a small scale health monitoring system for field workers. Workers will wear clothing, fitted with specialized sensors, that will monitor specific health attributes. This data will be updated at appropriate intervals to a local server which will then update a webpage. It will then be available to crew leaders and owners through a mobile application. If the data signals a potential health risk for a worker, the crew leaders will receive notifications detailing the workers ID and health status. The owners themselves will have all the aggregate data available to them from the different crew leaders, as well as a detailed listing of OSHA regulations. To focus on immediate potential health risks, field workers will wear sensors specific to their work environment. For example, field workers tending to citrus crops will be at a higher risk of falling from a ladder, whereas field workers tending to strawberries will be at a higher risk of experiencing heat stroke. Therefore, it would be more appropriate for the strawberry workers to wear moisture/temperature sensors and for citrus workers to wear free-fall acceleration/BPM sensors. Another potentially useful source of data could be the hydration level of each farm worker. In this case, each worker’s water bottle would have a RFID tag and a timer would be set each time a worker refills their bottle. After a certain time a notification would alert the crew leader that a worker has not refilled their water bottle within an appropriate interval. This health monitoring system plays an important role because many field workers tend to hide their health issues out of fear or pride. The benefit of this system is that it is minimally invasive and only tracks their information as long as they are working or wearing a device. Therefore, they won’t have to feel like they are being monitored constantly and this could empower them make safer choices. As for the crew leaders, this system will automate a lot of work that would otherwise be done manually and not as effectively. With a group of up to 20 workers, it's not easy to personally inspect each worker and make sure they are being efficient, let alone in a healthy state. Especially when you consider that some workers will work even when physically ill. The crew leader's job is to make sure the workers are as productive as possible and that they don’t get injured on the job. They report to the farm owner which has a vetted interest in keeping some of the workers safe due to workers comp insurance. With all the aggregate data available to the owner, they can spot trends and make adjustments to their Illness and Injury Prevention Programs (ILLPP). As well as insure that they are not violating any OSHA regulations in the process.


Project Details Platform: Web Application Workflow: Agile Challenges: database design, consistent data retrieval, not enough coffee Mockup Platform Architecture Rough Database Schema in image gallery

Bootstrap to handle styles PHP to pull and display tabular data

User Interface (In image gallery for each of the following)

Sign In Page Crew Leader - Strawberry Crew Leader - Strawberry Worker Crew Leader - Citrus Crew Leader - Citrus Worker Farm Owner Farm Owner - Incident History Farm Owner - Worker Incidents

Deliverables Heartbeat data Heatstroke data Water consumption data Overall statistical farm worker health data for future adjustments Overall Block Diagram in image gallery

Team Lead

Team Lead - Akash Owner of each area of process Sensor - Daniel, Joshua, Akash Server - Andy Application - Andy, Alexis, Akash, Daniel, Joshua

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