We really wanted to use the APIs at our disposal in a unique way. For example, we use Zillow and a crime reporting api to determine through the use of algorithms whether or not an area is safe. With this, we are able to accurately determine whether a user is in an unsafe area so that they can avoid it all together.

Our use cases totally evolved over the course of the hackathon. Originally we were targeting drivers who wanted to find safe places to park. After actually writing the code and testing it, we realized SafeDrive could do so much more. From alerting the user through text messages when they, or anyone in their car (equipped with Mojio) is in danger. We also give the users a crime report so that they can ultimately judge for themselves.

As a team, we're extremely happy with what we were able to build in such a short time period. More specifically, we used APIs in unique ways to create a truly amazing application.

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