According to statistics, hate crimes and street violence have exponentially increased and the violence does not end there. Many oppressed groups face physical and emotional racial hostility in the same way. These crimes harm not only the victims but also people who have a similar identity. Aside from racial identities, all genders reported feeling more anxious about exploring the outside environment due to higher crime rates. After witnessing an upsurge in urban violence and fear of the outside world, We developed Walk2gether, an app that addresses the issue of feeling unsafe when venturing out alone and fundamentally alters the way we travel.

🏗What it does🏗

It offers a remedy to the stress that comes with walking outside, especially alone. We noticed that incorporating the option of travelling with friends lessens anxiety, and has a function to raise information about local criminal activity to help people make informed travel decisions. It also provides the possibility to adjust settings to warn the user of specific situations and incorporates heat map technology that displays red alert zones in real-time, allowing the user to chart their route comfortably. Its campaign for social change is closely tied with our desire to see more people, particularly women, outside without being concerned about being aware of their surroundings and being burdened by fears.

🔥How we built it🔥

How can we make women feel more secure while roaming about their city? How can we bring together student travellers for a safer journey? These questions helped us outline the issues we wanted to address as we moved into the design stage. And then we created a website using HTML/CSS/JS and used Figma as a tool to prepare the prototype. We have Used Auth0 for Multifactor Authentication. CircleCi is used so that we can deploy the website in a smooth and easy to verify pipelining system. AssemblyAi is used for speech transcription and is associated with Twilio for Messaging and Connecting Friends for the journey to destination. Twilio SMS is also used for alerts and notification ratings. We have also used Coil for Membership using Web Based Monitization and also for donation to provide better safety route facilities.

🛑 Challenges we ran into🛑

The problem we encountered was the market viability - there are many safety and crime reporting apps on the app store. Many of them, however, were either paid, had poor user interfaces, or did not plan routes based on reported occurrences. Also, The challenging part was coming up with a solution because there were additional features that might have been included, but we only had to pick the handful that was most critical to get started with the product.

Also, Our team began working on the hack a day before the deadline, and we ran into some difficulties while tackling numerous problems. Learning how to work with various technology came with a learning curve. We have ideas for other features that we'd like to include in the future, but we wanted to make sure that what we had was production-ready and had a pleasant user experience first.

🏆Accomplishments that we're proud of: 🏆

We gather a solution to this problem and create an app which is very viable and could be widely used by women, college students and any other frequent walkers! Also, We completed the front-end and backend within the tight deadlines we were given, and we are quite pleased with the final outcome. We are also proud that we learned so many technologies and completed the whole project with just 2 members on the team.

What we learned

We discovered critical safety trends and pain points that our product may address. Over the last few years, urban centres have seen a significant increase in hate crimes and street violence, and the internet has made individuals feel even more isolated.

💭What's next for Walk2gether💭

Some of the features incorporated in the coming days would be addressing detailed crime mapping and offering additional facts to facilitate learning about the crimes happening.

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