Being stuck in these times have compelled us to rethink the new way of conducting business & Tourism business

What it does

We have to reinvent ourselves, form a common platform to tackle this pandemic like a world supermarket e.g IATA

How I built it

After reading several Government policy, lonely planet, outlook travelers, other journal trying to come with SOLUTION

Challenges I ran into

Getting the data, facts and Figures were challenging, but still on the way manage to get a blueprint of Advisortrip.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

manage to get some website and promote on the lines of Tripadvisor, that people worldwide acknowledge Advisortrip

What I learned

A LOT OF WORK needs to be done and seeking knowledge, information, guidance, protection & arrangement

What's next for SAFECATIONS...2020

                                                                                Travel & Experiences

SAFECATIONS Are Smartest Travel Trend After months of staying at home during the pandemic, since the coronavirus outbreak—canceled or postponed trips, closed hotels, and halted flight routes. But as the weather warms up and parts of the world slowly begin to reopen, travel still seems to be very much on the table in the coming months. Travelers will just need to be extra cautious as IATA Launches Travel Regulations Map.

With business trips all but wiped from corporate expense reports, corporate business travel industry stakeholders have been thrust into an unprecedented scenario. Uncertainty is at an all-time high, but what is clear is that business travel management FinTechs aren’t sitting idly, Several tech firms are hoping the travel industry will rush to buy digital tools designed to reduce how much contact travelers have with surfaces touched by strangers and how often they interact face-to-face with staff. Yet it remains unclear what’s actually happening and what’s hype from vendors. The new ICAO report aims to support the aviation industry in restarting the international air transport system and aligning its global COVID-19 recovery.

A decision on restarting international flights might not entirely be India's call, given that this depends mostly on the destination country’s assessment of India being safe and consequent permissions that need to be issued to Indian carriers to fly to their airports, With the entire travel industry essentially on pause and no clear answer about when things will return to normal, one thing is certain: Travelling in a post-COVID-19 world will not be the same as before, WTTC has come out with the world's first global safety stamp to recognise ‘Safe Travels’ protocols around the world. Saudi Arabia, Barcelona, Portugal, Cancun and Seville are the first to adopt these private sector protocols &/ stamps.

While pandemic-era policies are still being developed at hotels around the globe and will no doubt vary widely, it's safe to say that guests will see big changes the next time they check in anywhere, Covid-19 has put the travel to a halt. While experts agree the tourism industry remains in flux, there are early signs of adaptation and resilience that are fueling consumer confidence, Air travel is set to undergo massive changes in the near future. From thermal scans and sealed meals to immunity certificates, the new age of sanitised travel will be unlike anything we have seen before. Therefore we can broadly classify into 3 category as:

  1. The young professional Age: 20-40 years old
  2. The local family Age: 25-50 years old
  3. The backpacker Age: 18-28 years old WTTC alongside our Members, governments, health experts and other industry associations are working together to achieve effective recovery protocols by developing meaningful action plans that optimise sector-wide recovery efforts

We always strive to make travel safer and convenient for you, which is why we launched the safety program, in collaboration with our key travel partners. In our endeavour to make travel safer for you at every step, we now bring you helpful tips and guidelines for your future travel. From staying in hotels to travelling via air, train, road to shopping and dining, That COVID 19 is impacting travel and tourism like no other episode in recorded history is now understood by all. Now is the time to look ahead, post COVID times, and Industry has been caught in a midst of a storm, that is raging across the economy.

Tourism is invariably the first to get affected and the last to recover. There is stress How will travel and tourism plan out once the lockdown is partially or fully open . The last few weeks, every sector of the economy has come under acute stress. Undoubtedly, the travel, tourism and hospitality vertical has been more hit than others, being in the front end from ensuring price competitiveness, offering an equally superlative experience as by competing destinations, to keeping its beaches clean, hygiene, safety standards are all the hour of need

WITH the arterial nodes of the world in a state of total lockdown, the travel and tourism sector is not only being mauled in the short term, but will also experience the ripple effects and Govt across the world has set the pace with not only emphasising the importance of domestic tourism but also giving good reasons for doing so seeking holistic development for world tourism, which we believe is increasingly all embracing, stretching across sectors of the economy and society, ‘Joining the Dots’ in industry and government for holistic and all-embracing development of the tourism sector has long been the big puzzle for stakeholders, The world traveller has truly come of age. They are travelling to the distant corners of globe and showing a never before tendency of embracing the unknown. This major transformation has changed due to technology and digitalization.

The media has been abuzz with speculation on the fate of the beleaguered airline. Having stopped its operations, a dwindled supply has caused a considerable spike in airfares on key routes, Concern looms over the fate of the vacation season as the world aviation sector continues to battle serious headwinds. Uncertainty around the revival of Tourism, we have to stand strong in putting forward the concerns of the Tourism Industry and letting them know what we are expecting. We have to do our bit to make sure that Tourism survives these difficult times. Let us come together as one voice and share our vision and strategy to overcome crisis. I have accepted the fact that I have lost all and there is nothing more to lose. I am an entrepreneur, reborn, starting from ground zero and rebuilding upwards with experience of more than 23 years serving Worldwide Traveler, makes me beleive in my moto as we are left with us high and dry,

I am based in New Delhi and plan is to build world's most comprehensive & user-friendly Travel Portals, aiming to be a one-stop-shop , or rather a travel supermarket for anyone wishing to travel within or from India-regarding hygiene, cleanliness, safety for guest travelling & promote sales & marketing of hotels, resorts including sale & purchase of properties pan India, Re-engineering /restructuring of Finance and Artificial Intelligence embedded on our website. The strategy is to offer highly personalized and tailored solutions to meet the needs of today’s evolved traveller, both in the B2B and B2C guest. Connect with me today on +919958093760, email : Sandip Shaw, India.

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