After hearing about hack harassment's presentation about the idea of stopping harassment online, we thought of an offline band that can conveniently report to the police to possibly stop harassment also. We realized it will be difficult to contact the police if you're caught in a dangerous situation.

What it does

We created an idea of a band on an arduino that detect button presses simultaneously or separately, which are allowed only once in a certain period. We also have an idea of an app where a person can create an account and will set his/her emergency contact information, and will show nearby crimes recently, however, it was not fully implemented.

How we built it

The hardware was built with the Arduino 101 for its bluetooth feature. It is connected to two buttons, which with an algorithm, one can press the buttons simultaneously or separately, and it will contact either their 911 or emergency contact. We also have designs done for the phone app, and have tried to implement parts of the app.

Challenges we ran into

Android Studio was definitely our biggest challenge. We were trying to learn Android Studio, since all of us are new to Android Studio. Getting the map in the app to work in the app was a very big challenge. The hardware component also had a lot of difficulty getting it to work. The serial LCD wasn't working.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were proud of being able to get the android app to where it ended up being. We were also proud of the hardware and the code that we wrote

What we learned

We learned a lot about Android Studio, Arduino, and Grove Starter KIt.

What's next for SafeBrace

The next step would be to finish the app. We also have a lot of ideas to take it further. Such as a fashionable design for the brace, , and will trigger warnings, or vibrations from both the band and the phone, when a person enters a dangerous area, maybe even prompt others their latest location so at least they will know what to report in case they went missing.

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