Bajaj motorcycles are popular amongst Boda Boda riders because of their functional reliability. This inspired us to build an application which we hope will be just as popular and reliable for Safeboda.

What it does

A web application that both Safeboda field and academy staff can access, and use to collect and store rider data in a central database. System users will be able to view rider profiles, edit information, and activate the rider if all requirements have been fulfilled.

This web application will feature a dashboard that displays an overview of the data collected in a visual way that is easy to understand.

Users will be able to view and download daily & weekly reports about the various stages of the onboarding process, such as the number of riders registered, in training, and ready for activation.

How we built it

We divided roles amongst us, having two frontend coders and two backend coders. We identified all the features and zeroed down to 4 key features, which were assigned to each team member to create. We collaborated on GitHub, and each team member made improvements on the code until we were all in agreement. We held daily team meetings to discuss our progress and way forward.

Challenges we ran into

1) The remote working conditions slowed down our communication and decision-making process 2) An unreliable internet connection and occasional electricity blackouts made it difficult to work within the short deadline 3) We encountered errors that blocked us from successfully linking our frontend features to the database

Accomplishments that we're proud of

1) The multi-step registration form that breaks down the registration process into easy to follow steps 2) Successfully set up a database and REST API server 3) Created an attractive and responsive UI prototype

What we learned

1) Research is important for gaining a better understanding of programming processes 2) Teamwork and division of tasks is important to get a lot of work done with limited time 3) Dealing with bugs is part of the coding journey, so don't give up and keep trying to solve errors as they come

What's next for Safeboda On-boarding Application

Give riders a login feature where they can register themselves and offer a reward incentive system for riders who recommend others to sign up, in order to meet the ever-growing demand.

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posted an update

Collaborating on the safe boda challenge was really an interesting process for me I must say , working with a strong and committed team and having had to complish the entire task in one week was really an interesting lesson for me .I worked on the front end and happy to have been part of this amazing project .

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