We did not have an idea for a HackDuke project before the event started, so on Saturday when we went to the speakers and meetings we were intrigued by the data sets that we would have access to. One data set that caught our eye was the biking accident data. We brainstormed some ideas and ended up deciding on our project. Our program takes in a starting location and ending location that someone would either drive or bike, and then will give the user some addresses of places along their route that there have been biking accidents in the past. We built it by using Java and using Google APIs. Some challenges that we ran into were using libraries that we had not used before and importing .jar files, something that nobody in our group had done before. We are proud to say that it is functional, we accomplished what we set out to do in the beginning. We learned a lot during this experience, not just from our project but the workshops as well. We were able to learn how to work together on git and break up our project into smaller parts so that everyone could be involved. From the workshops we learned HTML, Ruby on Rails, and Git. What’s next for SafeBike is making a graphical interface that we can then put on the web so that other people can use our program.

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