A requirement of unobtrusive monitoring of Vital signals in the Neonatal intensive care unit and the possibility to do it based on research motivated us to take this up to develop a Remote Health monitoring system - SafeBeat

What it does

The core of our implementation is Unobtrusive Vital sign monitoring. The heart rate is monitored through the video of the person taken through Laptop camera. This is based on the Research paper in Video health monitoring (Robust pulse-rate from chrominance-based rPPG, 2013). We further developed the end-end system on Remote health monitoring by notifying the doctor about anomalies in the patients heart rate.

How we built it

We made the signal processing and Mathematical computations on Matlab and used Javascript and Python to develop the doctor notification and Webpage creation

Challenges we ran into

We ran into problems with signal processing from the image, integrating different modules in different languages in creating an MVP.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We could get the pulse rate from the video based on the paper.

What we learned

We learned that converting the research paper information into code is not easy. Also the integration of different modules helped a few of us learn a little Javascript

What's next for SafeBeat

Currently, the product only measures Heart rate and it must be tested exhaustively for accuracy. Other vital signals like Blood pressure and Respiration rate should also be included in the system.

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