6 475 119 worldwide COVID – 19 cases during 5 months. According to analysts, overloading governmental institutions (testing centers, quarantine services, city halls, police, hospitals, funerary firms) is what contributed significantly to a number of 382 924 deaths in just 5 months.

This is why our solution wants to bring some extra organization, interconnection, and centralization of people and information, and at the same time offers some control and intervention valves in order to decrease the level of pressure in the system.

What it does

SAFEapp is a multiChat with 3 dimensions Dimension 1: governmental connects

  • all governmental institutions in a common discussion group and rapid information exchange
  • institutions with sick and quarantined people
  • institutions with the community

Dimension 2: quarantined and sick people connects these persons with:

  • the governmental institutions from point no. 1
  • persons who can provide them with counselling: psychologists, legislation counselors, emergency services, etc.
  • other quarantined /sick /cured people
  • persons from the community who have an account in the app
  • with an area of free entertainment

Dimension 3: healthy persons from the community connects these persons with:

  • persons from point no. 2
  • with community offers and initiatives for a crisis situation: shopping, counselling, consulting, community services, online medical consultations etc.

Every dimension has different active chats which can be accessed based on account and password. These chats retain information and send it towards an AI, which creates an informational map which measures the level of agitation, conflict, stress, anxiety, depression and warns in time.

How I built it

SAFEapp is a web application created in WordPress, which will also have a mobile version. For each category of users it offers a series of chats through which all those involved in detection, isolation, healing and prevention of the population to communicate and share centralized information. The information from these chats is saved in a global mental map, on dimensions and individuals, based on which the AI evaluates the calamity and psychological health, and then sends alarms in the system when it identifies a certain indicator which approaches a critical value.

Challenges I ran into

The main challenge consists in the governmental legislation of each state/ country and respecting the GDPR regulation.

What's next for SAFEapp

To find ourselves medical, governmental, IT specialists, lawyers and financing sources in order to implement the above described solution.

We estimate this development and implementation will take between 1 and 2 years.

A future target, which is also part of the initial project architecture is also the following option: In the case in which two states/countries use this application governmentally, they can activate, if they wish to, the option to interact in order to share technical information: medical, administrative, etc.

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