What it does Allow to create different agreements, send it to other participants to sign, and keep it safe in the decentralized network for forever. The signed agreement uploading to Arweave and could be opened by from any who has this link. All documents have tags with hashed participant name to allow find all document which was signed by a current participant

How we built it As frontend developers, we used a react template and tried to create a prototype of the platform without any backend. Just using Fluence like a database and Arweave like file storage. We created a demo which not includes authorization for different user and focused only on the main goal: the easiest way to create and save an important document for a client.

Challenges we ran into The Fluence send a response in string format, like CSV format. JSON will be more helpful. We had to create own normalizer. Due to restriction from Arweave side, we hadn't use big files ( like documents with big images, etc. ) Transactions with large size of date had created pretty long.

Accomplishments that we proud of: 1) Integrated Fluence like DB and Arweave for storage files for our project. 2) We implemented e-signature 3) We have a working demo

What we learned How to use Fluence and Arweave in projects.

Built With

  • fluence-arweave-react
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