To provide a safe passage, which is areas that are safe to move into and free from war,for the forcefully displaced migrants in war-torn areas


It could save hundreds of precious lives and injuries from the ongoing wars and persecution of the victims and prevent people from running into danger zones.


As the world foresees a potential world war, it is important to prepare for the worst possible scenario that may arise in the near future. With this in mind, we thought that an application on everyone’s phone that would tell everyone about the safety levels in each area of a country would be of immense help in times of crisis. We used Ukraine as our model country for now; however, our idea is fully scalable throughout the world as this runs on users’ reports.

Our app runs on the users’ reports, i.e., they can report the safety level (i.e., green for safe and red of unsafe) of their regions. Depending on the number of users who report the same response, we will color code the region on the map on the screen. We will also ask for pictures/videos from the users who are reporting so that users from other areas get to see the proofs. Additionally, our app will let the users to communicate with users from other areas, in case they want to migrate to that area during the war. To make this communication easier and non-invasive to the users, we will ask the reporters if they would like to be contacted by others to get information regarding area; if they agree, we will put their profiles in their regions on the map.

How we built your project?

Initially, we brainstormed many ideas. Then we ranked the ideas based on the feasibility of ideas and the impact or value that the idea would have added to the lives of people. From the several ideas storming through our head, we ranked the idea of ‘Safe Zone’ as first. The idea of having a ‘Safe Zone’ app not only seemed plausible, but it could also save lives in war-ravaged areas of the world. In the next phase, we explored the settings and scenarios where the app could be used. Studying different settings and scenarios helped us build better features and made the workflow smoother. Deciding on which features to use took the majority of what time we had. We chose to keep the features that were beneficial and necessary and would help us achieve our goal for the ‘Safe Zone’ app. Once the features we need to develop were decided, we jumped into figma to build a design for our app. Neither of us had any experience in building models in figma. We had to learn the basics and dug deep to gather knowledge about how figma works, so that we could build a perfect design for the app. Gathering knowledge about figma and many minute but important knowledge were the most exciting part of this project.


One of the major difficulties we faced is that we had to complete our entire project, from ideation to designs, within a week. Carrying out a gargantuan task neatly such as this, requires tremendous effort and some time. We had the effort, but time. Due to the shortage of time, we could not color-code our map, which we believe would have added a significant amount of value to our project.

Accomplishments We Are Proud Of

Because we had no knowledge about Figma before, we are very proud to have mastered in a very short span of time. Moreover, to see a functional demo of our idea in a physical form is also deeply satisfying for us. Last but not the least, the time-management and collaboration we had with each other were excellent, especially, given that this is our first collaborative project together. We are proud of that!

What We Learnt

As we have already mentioned, we have learnt how to use Figma and basics of UI/UX design. More importantly, we learned how to collaborate perfectly while being in separate countries, with different time zones.

What's next for Safe Zone?

Next we would like to take our idea to make a functional prototype. We would like to make the app available to the general people as soon as possible. We understand that our idea is scalable for many different scenarios, i.e., road blocks, wild animal attacks in rural areas, etc. We would like to first complete SafeZone first and then extend our branches in other directions as well.

Built With

  • figma
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