My inspiration

In today's fast-developing society, people often have their attention focused on their mobile phones in various situations (e.g; walking on the street, going to the mall or other public places.). Consequently, people may not even realize when they are getting to close to one other. not respecting the social distancing may then increase drastically the probability of getting or spreading the viruses from one to another.

What it does

This app may use Bluetooth or Mobile-Hotspot to create a scanning zone around the user to detect nearby mobiles. By measuring the strength of the signal from each device, the app can then calculate their approximate distance from the user. The app will create a safe zone of about 6 feet around the phone. It will then informs the user by vibrating the phone or by sending a notification if someone comes to close.

How I built it

Currently, it is just an interesting idea and I haven't built it yet due to my lack of knowledge in programming. This is why I'm looking forward to your help. DEVPOST being the greatest platform for innovation and development of software; your help will be the most welcome in the development of this app.

Further possible application of this app

1.An App for blind People The app can be modified to detect obstacles (E.g; street lamps and buildings) as well as facilities ( E.g pedestrians crossing or road sign) such that blind people could move around safely and easily. Small and cheap sensors such as Qr code can be added to those obstacles and facilities such that the app could identify them and inform the user of their presence.

2.Monitoring the evolution of the traffic congestion of pedestrians and vehicles Vehicle and pedestrian Traffic Monitoring is also another important application as understanding the flow and congestion of traffic is essential for efficient road systems in cities. Smooth flows reduce journey times, reduce emissions, and save energy. Similarly, the efficient flow of pedestrians in an airport, stadium, or shopping center saves time and can make the difference between a good and a bad visit. Monitoring traffic - whether road vehicles or people - is useful for operators of roads, attractions, and transport hubs. Monitor in real-time the number of vehicles passing for a certain point in highways and roads Detect the average time of vehicle stance for traffic congestion prevention Monitor average speed of vehicles in highways and roads Provide travel times on alternate routes when congestion is detected The monitoring system can also be used to calculate the average speed of the vehicles which transit over a roadway by taking the time mark at two different points. Thes data can then be used for better management of traffic. By doing so vehicles can be distributed more efficiently across the different roads diverting some of them from the overused road to the underused one for a smoother flow. The app can also be used to calculate the best path for a pedestrian such as to meet the fewer people possible on their way to their destination. By doing so, they minimize the risk of contamination

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