While during covid 19 pandemic we cannot completely eliminate the disease at this point of time, we can at least control its spread and negative impacts by keeping ourselves in a safe zone, i.e., by taking all precautionary measures and maintaining a good hygiene.

What it does

Outside the sphere is the disease. When a person is outside the sphere, he is in danger. Sphere is the safe zone where he can be safe from the disease. Sphere is the safe zone. It is kept colorful to show that safety from the disease can make the life happier and more colorful.

How I built it

I used Spark AR to make my filter. In addition, I imported a 3D object from Sketchfab to use in my project, which is the sphere.

Challenges I ran into

The major challenge was to understand how Spark AR works, as I had never used it before. After watching some videos I gained some basic understanding. The challenge throughout has always been to express the idea on a platform as accurately as possible.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I got more comfortable in using a new software (Spark AR). Also I could express my ideas more accurately, if not absolutely.

What I learned

I learnt to use Spark AR here and how to shape ideas realistically to express.

What's next for Safe zone

Get new projects or collaborations in future based on my work, that is my wish :)

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