My inspiration for this project is to spread awareness about how climate change affects trails hikers love and finds safer wildfire-free hiking trails.

What it does

Locates wildfire-free hiking trails using wildfire location radius data.

How I built it

I used Vue.js, maps API, NIFC Wildfire datasets, python, Parsehub API, pandas, and geolocation API.

Challenges I ran into

I attempted to implement a clustering machine learning model; however, I was unsuccessful due to the time I had on my hands. Moreover, implementing the idea was a bit difficult due to a lack of expertise I have in frontend development.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am really happy with the idea I came up with and I believe that this hackathon was a valuable experience to learn from for the future.

What I learned

I learned about

What's next for TeamHikers – Safe Hiking Trails

Safe Hiking Trails is a really good mobile application if implemented the right way. My goal is to make an app on the play store and app store that achieves the same goal is this project.

Built With

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