When I was speaking to a friend who is apart of the LGBTQ+ community, he told me about the process he goes through when planning a vacation. This includes searching for information on the country's policies and laws in regards to LGBTQ+ people, and whether or not he'll be safe in the area that he wants to stay in. When I got access to the JetBlue data, I knew that I wanted combine all the information that someone might want to know before traveling, or when planning a vacation.

What it does

My program prompts the user to enter an origin airport, and the country that they would like to travel to. After they enter this information, all possible flights from the origin airport, to the airport(s) in that country are printed. Along with the flight information, the deal score, LGBTQ score, travel alerts, and necessary vaccinations are also printed.

How I built it

I built my program by reading in the JetBlue data as a .csv file, and extracting the needed information from the file, then using that information to create a "Destination" object. The LGBTQ score, travel alerts, and necessary vaccinations are taken from .txt files which I created using actual information I researched from various LGBTQ ally websites, and the State Department.

Challenges I ran into

It was challenging to translate the input of a country, into the output of multiple airports. It was also difficult to read in the JetBlue data, and translate it so that it would function in my program.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have been to hackathons before, but I've always done front-end programs because that is what I am comfortable with, so this my first time submitting a back-end hack in a hackathon. Also I'm proud to have created this program because it addresses an actual issue and serves a great purpose.

What I learned

I learned how to read in .csv files, and how to directly implement data in my code without altering it.

What's next for Safe Travels

Next for Safe Travels would probably be using the data of other airlines and other methods of transportation (cruises) and a special version for travel within the states.

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