Working Principle

Identified the factors that make people choose alternative modes of transit.
Elimination of above factors ensure more people use Safe Transit.

Safety against Hijackers

The luggage section is separated from passenger section by means of barriers thereby reducing the risk of potential hijackers.

Safety against infected travellers

Inbuilt quarantine section that protects other travellers.
2 Points of escape in case of danger
Security monitoring and 5G connectivity to all emergency services

User Friendliness

8 Spacious seats
2 Open seats for handicapped travellers
2 Seats that allow easy setup of medical equipment
Spacious luggage section.
Personal compartment for essentials
Devices for HCI

Clean and safe Breastfeeding area

Pet Transport

Isolated baggage section prevents risk of pet allergies in fellow travellers.

Onboard medical assistance

Has 9 seats + 1 extra seat which could be occupied by a medic or a security officer that further ensures the safety of the travellers.

Built With

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