The current crisis has demonstrated that in Kazakhstan (my homeland) there is a very low level of awareness of the importance of vaccination. Only 25.2% of the population has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. That's why I decided to make an app that will educate people about everything they need to know about vaccines.

What it does

The app provides educational resources that show how do vaccines work. Also, there will be a wide range of information about every essential vaccine that currently exists, such as "When should I get X vaccine", "Vaccination centers in my city", "What are the side effects of X vaccine". For now, I added COVID-19, Tdap, MMR, Hepatitis A and B.

How we built it

First of all, I made the design of the interfaces in Figma. Then I started exporting elements from Figma to Android Studio. Then I started coding the app, adding functionality to elements, importing the YouTube library and etc.

Challenges we ran into

I ran into a couple of challenges while coding this app. One of them was that I've never worked with XML before. That's why I was trying to edit all the design elements in attributes in the design section of android studio. But it wasn't always comfortable and effective. Thus, I had to learn how to work with XML.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Even though the app is not finished, I'm proud that I was able to give all my best to this project by using all the knowledge that I have in coding and going beyond my own expectations by learning new things.

What we learned

I've learned the basics of the front end, how to work with Figma, how to switch between activities in Android Studio, how to use API, how to add youtube video by implementing YouTube videos library, how to work with XML and how to work with RecyclerView

What's next for #SAFE TOGETHER

I'm planning to finish my project, expand the range of functionality by adding local language, incorporating maps with vaccine centers in my city (then in my country and in the world), keep updating the information about vaccines, add new ways of interactive learning like quizzes, upload to PlayMarket and promote this app among the general public (especially among people who live in countrysides) by advertising it in social medias.

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