Being active participants and veterans of Web3 hackathons, we've felt the pinch of the challenges involved in managing and distributing hackathon bounties, grants, and sponsorships. There have been instances where we've lost significant amounts due to a teammate's compromised wallet, or navigated blindly while waiting for a fair share from a fellow participant. These experiences, while tough, served as the catalyst for Safe{Team}. We wanted to create the tool we wish we had - a solution that could make treasury and asset management in the Web3 world efficient, secure, and user-friendly.

What it does

Safe{Team} is not just a tool; it's a vision for the future of treasury management for teams in the Web3 ecosystem. It allows sponsors to transfer assets from their preferred blockchain to the winning teams. It simplifies and secures the process, and most importantly, it decentralizes the experience. We've even gone a step further, allowing sponsors to send funds (USDC) over the Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM) network, in line with the hackathon's ethos.

How we built it

We leveraged an array of technologies, languages, and platforms like Filecoin, Ethereum, Solidity, JavaScript, Next.js, Ethers js, Web3Auth, Gelato, Gnosis Safe Multisig, Superfluid, Polybase for database management, and Axelar for asset bridging. Each of these elements came together to create a solution that is greater than the sum of its parts. Basic Flow of the transfer

Challenges we ran into

One of the foremost challenges we faced during this project was the implementation of cross-chain asset transfers using Axelar. Given that Axelar primarily provides axlUSDC, we aimed to enhance user experience by allowing the transfer of native USDC itself. However, this necessitated the creation of our own liquidity pools on both the source chain (Filecoin) and destination chain (Ethereum) to enable an easy swap between USDC and axlUSDC and vice versa. This process involved a great deal of precision and technical finesse. In addition, managing the comprehensive database of all the teams, winners, and projects within Polybase was a complex task that pushed our abilities and required us to innovate persistently.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Despite the challenges, we managed to integrate Axelar for seamless cross-chain asset transfers. The system we developed for swapping USDC and axlUSDC is a remarkable accomplishment we're very proud of. Also, our system enabling sponsors to send funds over the FVM/Filecoin network is a significant stride in aligning our solution with the hackathon's ethos. Above all, turning our own challenges into a solution for a greater good is our biggest accomplishment.

What we learned

We emerged from this project richer in experience and knowledge about various technologies. Moreover, we learned that perseverance and effective collaboration are just as vital as technical prowess in overcoming challenges and delivering a product that truly solves a problem.

What's next for Safe {Team}

Safe{Team} is just getting started. We plan to refine our solution further, optimizing it for even greater efficiency and security. We're looking to expand its functionality to support more blockchains and bolster our backend operations to handle even larger databases. Our ultimate vision? To establish Safe{Team} as a benchmark for treasury and asset management in the Web3 universe. We're committed to building a future where the journey of new developers into the Web3 world is not marred by financial management challenges. We can't wait to bring this vision to life!

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