We wanted to address the ever-present issue with adolescents stealing prescription medication from their parents or other trusting adults via the unmonitored storage of drugs.

What it does

Using facial recognition, a camera attached to the medicine cabinet detects whether or not an approaching individual is registered to access one or more panels of the cabinet. If they are registered the panel will unlock, otherwise it will remain in its locked state. If someone attempts to access a panel that they aren't authorized to open, Safe Stash will snap a picture of them and log the time of day when the access was attempted, sending the information to the local (household) computer. (Note: Recorded information will NOT be saved to/via the internet)

How we built it

Built using python-based neural-nets for the facial recognition software, arduino uno's to control the servos for the lock mechanisms, a server hosted on a raspberry pi, and 3d printers to build a prototype of our physical design.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We created a marketable product with wide consumer-reach that can have a positive social impact.

What's next for Safe Stash

Investment and expansion.

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