Safe Space episode of South Park.

This application automates the task of Butters for real world use.

What it does

It make social media and web pages safe by converting negative content into positive equivalent.

How I built it

I created a Google Chrome extension that uses Lexalytics API's sentiment analysis to find negativeness and replace them with antonyms using Princeton University's WordNet database through DataMuse API.

Chrome Extension, however the main JavaScript file can also be played by GreaseMonkey like plugins. So the program can work on all browsers.

Challenges I ran into

Coming up with a single day, single person project idea.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finishing the project.

What I learned

Don't try everything you see on TV at home, however you can potentially program anything you see on TV.

What's next for Safe Space

To accomplish its purpose by creating bully-proof windows.

-_In My Safe Space Song Lyrics-_
Everyone likes me and thinks I'm great
In my safe space (my safe space)
People don't judge me and haters don't hate
In my safe space (your safe space)

Bully-proof windows
Troll-safe doors
Nothing but kindness in here

If you do not like me
You are not allowed
In my safe space (my safe space)

Look and you will see
There's a very select crowd
In your safe space (my safe space)
People that support me
Mixed in with
More people that support me
And say nice things
Rainbows all around me
There is no shame in my safe space (my safe space)
(Bully-proof windows)


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