About 85 to 90 percent of sexual assaults reported by college women are perpetrated by someone known to the victim One in 5 Women and One in 16 Men are sexually assaulted while in college. Three out of four sexual assaults go unreported. Why?

The most common reasons for letting a sexual assault go unreported are: shame, denial, fear of the consequences, and a feeling of helplessness.

Safe Sound aims to provide a platform for those who have been affected by sexual assault from a common perpetuator to unite in solidarity.

We provide resources for you to find on-campus help and aid you in reporting your assault to Title IX. Most importantly we give you a place to enter in your assailants name and find other victims of the assailant. Your name is kept anonymous throughout this whole process and so are other victims. Our goals are to help you find relief, community, and help you to strengthen a case against a perpetrator by uniting with other victims.

We aim to ensure your safety by using only '.ucsc.edu' emails, we ensure that a perpetrator cannot report themselves in the system in order to converse with their victims.

We ran into several challenges during this hackathon. One of our biggest issues was getting acquainted with the various platforms (i.e. GCP and Vue.js) which ended up requiring more time than anticipated. We also planned to attend the hackathon with another member, but one of our members was unable to attend making the workload harder for all of us. Without our fourth member we struggled to come up with a doable idea that benefited our community. We came up with many ideas, but none that could be done in two days with three members. By the time that we came up with an idea that we truly believed in we were late to start coding and had to make up for lost time. Finally, we knew that our application could help many sexual assault victims, but we had to address the issue in a non triggering and politically correct way, this required critical thinking about verbiage and features.

Throughout this project our team was able to experience a ton of technical growth within a mere two days time. We were specifically proud of our ability to efficiently and elegantly integrate Google Cloud Services into our web app through utilizing firebase. We are also proud that our website is very clean and easy to use and is not very hacky. But, what we are most proud of is that we were able to create a website that can help our community in a way that it didn't before.

This project not only gave us a hands on learning experience of developing web application but provided us with an awareness into the sexual assault epidemic within our community and college communities. Throughout the development and design process we worked with new technogies such as google-cloud-platform, beaufy, and vue; this required that we learned how to operate and use these technologies in an elegant way. During the development phase we learned how to properly utilize firebase through their well documented posts. Specifically we figured out how to easily integrate firebase’s user authentication into our application, this was absolutely crucial for ensuring the safety of our users. While working with the front end we used Vue which proved to be somewhat tricky in the begging, but with the help of well documented component libraries, eventually became a breeze.

Moving forward, we want to expand our project to other universities so that way we can help other college communities like our own.

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