Inspiration - personal experiences of walking home alone

What it does - Through the use of our app Safe & Sound this problem can be easily solved. Our app allows people, more frequently women and girls, to find the safest way back home or to a certain destination. Users of this app can flag potentially unsafe areas so other users can avoid these paths. When the user feels as though they are in danger, they can use our application to do one of three things: call 911, send a distress alert to other users of the app who are within a 1 mile radius vicinity, or send a distress alert containing their location to all of their emergency contacts.

How we built it - xCode, Java, Balsamiq, BlueJ

Challenges we ran into - integrating the Google Maps API

Accomplishments that we're proud of - figuring out how to integrate the Google Maps API,

What we learned - we learned how to build an app, which none of us had ever done before

What's next for Safe & Sound - being able to demonstrate a fully functional app, building a data base for our users, implementing more features, improving the user interface

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