Never sext without protection! Practice Safe Sexting!


Don't become another statistic of Leaked Photos and Texts, use the free Safe Sexting app!



({}) Stay 100% anonymous, Hide behind a Nickname (Never having to share your phone number or email).

({}) Your account is password protected to keep people out of your business.

({}) Never be tricked by Fake or Photoshoped Pictures! (All pictures are taken live from the phones camera, so they can not be faked or edited).

({}) The sexts you send are never stored on your phone or the persons phone you are sending them to (They are stored on the safe Kii Cloud Platform so hackers can never get to them).

({}) You can choose how long someone can view the sext's you send them (You can also set your sexts to never expire if you want).

Get the Safe Sexting app now! Before its too late...

My app uses ALL of the features provided by the Kii Cloud Platform (including user management, data management, analytics, monetization, and push notifications will be added next update).

My app is Useful.

My app's UX/Design is visually pleasing.

My app idea shows Originality.


With the detailed documentation provided by the Kii team it made learning the Kii Cloud Platform a breeze.

The server connection speeds are extremely fast. Handling all my multi-user testing with ease.

During the whole development process I had 0 Errors with the Kii Cloud SDK's.

Having a background in server side development I understand the great amount of effort, overhead, and headaches that Kii Cloud saves me and I would recommend Kii Cloud over any other option.

If you want lightning fast development on a rock solid cloud platform then Kii is the solution for you!

Justin Sargent, Lead Software Developer for Jusarg


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