Problem Statement: Many groups globally lack the means to access global trade due to the high potential risks it can carry. As such my project was aimed towards minimizing risks and effort required to get established. My project is intended as a store for users to post artwork and similar files to be sold as NFTs, like how Opensea works with one major difference. There’s no buy in or costs involved. This new system is possible by changing the process behind the scenes by storing relevant information and only creating the nft itself once a buyer is interested and wants to buy it. This way, it completely nullifies costs towards sellers as there’s no listing fee and they can emerge into the world of digitally enabled trade with no risk involved.

Written Report: The system features a very minimalistic design where users can simply scroll through available items for sale and purchase any that catch their eye. All items are listed with their image visible alongside its name, description and price to give buyers a quick insight into the art they may be buying. From here users are supposed to be able to select items to purchase and with a single transaction from a web pop-up, acquire their item (but time was not forgiving). For listing items and selling, users can simply click a button to be taken to a form where they can type up out the information, upload the file and be done. In its current state the uploading is almost fully functional with the only small detail being the need to supply the link to the art which only adds one easy to do step. In future versions this wouldn’t be needed and only uploading the art as a file would be needed to simplify the process as much as possible. The target audience for this project would be any individuals or groups interested in entering online trade who are concerned about potentially expensive buy in prices. These individuals and groups could be any one from artists in its current state to even writers once the system is updated to include more file types and options.

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