Inspired by the new year, we wanted to create a website to tackle some of 2020s biggest problems head on! The problem being visiting places without the risk of catching covid!

What it does

Our team developed a website that will take the user input of a location and category as well as a desired location. With the information, we will return the optimal times to visit this location in correspondence with CoronaVirus levels.

How we built it

For the front end we used a program known as bootstrap, which allowed us to create a useful and dynamic website. For the logic we used python to perform our algorithms which determines when a place is safe to visit by getting data from various sources. For the backend of the application we used flask and google places api to get information about the place such as name, image links,etc.

Challenges we ran into

We originally had a plan of 4 group members, 1 front end, 1 back end, 2 data science people to perform the logic of the product. Due to unexpected emergencies, the front end dev decided to not show up. So we had to learn the front end which we didn’t know as well. But we stuck through and figured it all out.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The website is interactive, aesthetically pleasing and simple to use. This allows for the user to get the results back efficiently and visit a place when it is safe.

What we learned

Bootstrap, frontend dev

What's next for Safe Search

We want to implement more features to this website, such as crowd sourcing data, where people can input places that are really busy at specific times and we can use that make our results more effective!

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