Students are often bombarded with work. One of the most common recommended solutions includes making a schedule to manage such limited time. However, many students fall into the trap of creating overwhelming schedules and overworking themselves. In fact, according to Global News close to 1 in 5 young Canadians struggle with a mental health issue. (Source: To help students combat these stressful times, we’ve created the Safe Scheduler!

What it does

The Safe Scheduler platform pulls events from your personal calendars and gives the user recommendations to create a more healthy schedule and balanced lifestyle. It allows students to see at a glance how they are spending their day, provide important resources and tips and find recommendations for helping relieve their stress.

How we built it

The program uses the newly released Notion API to pull users events from their calendar. That information is presented using HTML/Bootstrap CSS/Javascript to help create an intuitive interface for students to utilize.

Challenges we ran into

One of the most difficult parts was using the Notion API as it was just released this past week and none of us had experience working with it beforehand.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of the auto-sync function between the Notion calendar and our Safe Scheduler platform. It was a difficult process to implement but works very smoothly now. As well, being able to have a very clear and easy-to-understand visualization of the data to make it easy for busy students.

What we learned

Our team at most had attended 1 hackathon prior to so we gained a lot of experience working under pressure to brainstorm and build a complex project. As well, we learned how to use the Notion API and connect backend and frontend through

What's next for Safe Scheduler

In the future we would love to implement new features to make the project more interactive and helpful including: Integrating the platform with Google Calendar, Outlook and ICloud. Providing more personalized suggestions. Improve rescheduling feature to allow them to reschedule events directly in our platform.

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