To reduce road accidents & make rides safer

What it does

The app suggests the safest route among all possible routes between an origin and destination. This suggestion is based on the historical road accident data of all possible routes between any two places. With this suggestion, accidents can be reduced and traffic congestion can also be addressed.

How we built it

We obtained road accident data for Los Angeles city from link which provided by Los Angeles Police Department. We hosted this data in Amazon Web Services (AWS) Relational Database Service (RDS). We utilized the Google's Javascript Maps API to provide an interface to select the origin and destination of travel. Based on the input, we obtain various routes between the origin and destination. For all these routes we employ an algorithm to rank them on the basis of route's safety. This safety rank is determined by correlating the historical accident data and Google Map's Direction API. We then suggest the safest route for the travel.

Challenges we ran into

Finding accident related data

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Able to employ services across various clouds for a single application.

What we learned

Some gaps in existing various cloud offerings. Prototyping a socially impact-full app in a very short span.

What's next for Safe Route

Expand to other cities and may be eventually see this as an option in various major maps and navigation applications. Also improve performance and confidence of suggesting the most safest route by using larger datasets. This can also be integrated with crime data to enhance the safety not just for accidents but for other aspects as well.

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