We keep looking at the news and listening to people and friends that are scared and nervous when they want to go shopping. There was no easy way to know if a store was overflowing like a Costco, or completely empty.


Safe Queue displays the current population for every public facility that is logged into it by showing an optional 3D map of color-coded pins, where empty to full is displayed in green to red. It also provides a log-in and sign-up for any public facility. The Safe Queue application helps the Dallas neighborhood community people to check the live traffic at the store they desire to visit. They can decide to visit the store based on the social distancing guidelines established by the CDC and the number of people in the store at a given time.

Implementation Process

The app was built used using node.js and an express server with .ejs as the templating language. Mapbox was used for the map and geocoding was used to convert a street address into a JSON file. The data of each companies information was stored in a MySQL database and was updated with the login page. The app also used passport.js for the authentication to allow for companies to edit the number of people in their store.


Our biggest problem was time management. We worked throughout the competition, but fixing problems, learning code, and delivering a better-looking UI took an unexpectedly high amount of time. Somehow, at the final moment, a part of our website stopped working. It was worse than a Masterchef episode at this point, but we're lucky to have finished.

Proud Accomplishments

We feel like we made a really efficient and practical addition to customer knowledge. We are happy enough that we are able to finish, but we are ecstatic that the product came through as we intended.

What we learned

We heavily learned new CSS techniques and ways to create efficient code. We took for granted how important yet difficult to make something visually pleasing is, and how necessary it is to make it efficient.

What's Next for Safe Queue

After Safe Queue is better publicized, with a team of coders, we can expand Safe Queue across the US, and even on to the world. Also, if we get access to funding for larger servers, we can easily create accounts for customers to give them "tokens" to put them in line. We believe this will keep more people safe as economies inevitably begin opening up, so the more people that have Safe Queue, the better. As the world continues to face uncertainty COVID-19, our application will help the members of our society take truly informed decisions based on real-time data. Larger companies like Google can implement this into Google Maps, providing a headcount in every public facility worldwide!

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