What it does

Safe Path helps users find the safest path from their location to any destination in San Francisco based on recent crime statistics. We made this app to empower those who do not feel safe or comfortable in a new area. By allowing for safety, the user can feel more comfortable engaging and integrating within the local community.

How I built it

We built this application using Django, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Love.

Challenges I ran into

A major challenge we had was working with millions of data points representing crime in SF and analyzing this data for each query to find the optimal safest path. This process is very computation heavy and time consuming.

In order to optimize this process, we generated matrices with cell representing blocks within San Francisco. Each block was given a weight for crime rates and we used the OpenStreetMap API with path finding algorithms to create custom paths that avoided the blocks with high crime rates.

We preprocessed all the matrix data and stored it within a database so that each query only checked the region surrounding the location of the user.

What's next for Safe Path

In the future, Safe Path is going to incorporate live data from users in the area in its decision making for path finding! We also plan to expand the application to incorporate different cities around the worlds.

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