Safe Home Search is an application to retrieve Safety Scores for a given address. This application enables users to ensure they are renting, buying or even staying for a few nights in a safe neighbourhood before they book or buy the place. This application is designed and implemented around the liberty mutual challenge to “Help people live safer more secure lives”. To power the application with safety scores and other useful data about the neighbourhood we are using two of Liberty Mutual’s API. We are also using Google’s Reverse Geocoding API to convert the Lat,Lng results received from liberty mutual’s API into “human readable address”

1) Total Home Score - List of Addresses with Safe Score: This API helps user to find safety score for a list of addresses in a particular zip code. We are using the response from this API to plot clusters on the map within the application. When the user zooms in individual markers are visible in three colors(green, yellow and red). The colors represent the total home safety score with green being the safest and red being the most unsafe place. This API currently is not providing a response due to some issues from Liberty Mutual and so we have mocked up the response. The zip code for the mocked response is 60616

2) Reverse Geocoding API - “Human readable address for Lat, Lng”: The Liberty Mutual API returns a list of lat,lng data with safety scores. In order to help user know what markers are being shown on the map we are using Google’s Reverse Geocoding API to get the address for a lat,lng. When user clicks on a map marker, the application will open up a InfoWindow on the marker to show the address retrieved from this API. When user clicks on the InfoWindow he is navigated to the Safe Home Details page which calls the following API.

3) Total Home Score - One Address Details: This API returns detailed safety score for a given address. It provides additional data of the address being scored on various factors such as - amenities, traffic, entertainment. We are using these scores to classify the features into two categories - Pros and Cons of living at that address. This data in addition to the SafetyScore helps user know more about the neighbourhood and make a better informed decision.

4) Mongo DB Stitch: The Safe Home Search API lets users submit reviews for an address they are living or have previously lived at. We have integrated the application with Mongo DB Stitch to store the reviews submitted on the application and to display these reviews on the Safe Home Details page when user navigates to the details from the user.

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