What are we doing:

MilkMon will improve product quality which in turn:

  • Improve revenues and profit for farmer
  • Improve revenues and profit for the dairy co-op

How to improve product quality?

Don't mix high quality with low quality milk... collect them in separate sections of the trucks so we don't dilute the high quality milk.

How do we improve revenues for the farmer?

Log the farms daily milk quality data in the cloud, analyse data using IBM Bluemix/Watson for somatic cell count and protein relative to the "ideal", advise how to improve both using intuitive graphs illustrating where they lie in the community, case studies, etc. In particular, graph the cost of the investment (teat disinfectant) vs the return (better milk price) (using case studies) so they see it works.

How do we improve revenues for the dairy co-op?

By raising the quality of the milk, the co-op can get a higher price for their product to premium customers such as those (Wyeth) who buy high quality milk for baby milk powder.

How does the economy benefit?

Milk exports are a significant part of the economy.

What is the business case?

2014 annual IFA data:

  • Average herd size approx. 60 cows
  • Average production: 300,000 litres
  • Yield per cow approx : 5,000 litres
  • National dairy herd : 1.14 million cows
  • National milk production: 5.4 billion litres
  • Save increase yield by 10c per litre... 540m euro
  • Split the tanker into 2 parts and load top quality milk into one compartment and lower quality into the other.
  • Mean of 26c goes to mean of 21c and mean of 32c.


MilkMon will allow co-op saves average of 300000 litres per farm * 5 cent per litre by having a high quality premium product. That equates to 15k euro per farm per year... which across 1000 suppliers in the arrabawn catchment... equates to 15 million euro extra per year.

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