We were inspired to build this application because we were aware that 1 in 6 women in their lifetimes face sexual violence and we wanted to be a part of the story that helps lower that number.

What it does

The application has functions that will allow the user to see the reported cases of sexual violence in the area and can report any cases they see. You are also notified if you walk past a reported location. We also make information regarding safety and precautions listed on the app with links to helpful sources. The app can also actively call 911, the Sheriff department, and your listed emergency contact.

How I built it

Having previous dabbled in minimal xCode, this was our first time creating a fully functional app. After generating the idea, we drew out a wireframe for the app design to ensure user accessibility. We worked on the map feature of our app first as we believed it would be the most difficult task to tackle. By consulting online tutorials and swift api, we were able to add incident report location pinpoints and also add an incident report point when the user presses a button. Then we worked on the calling feature. We created three buttons and had their actions call phone numbers. Then we created the information section and did research on how to deal with harassment and reach out for help. Finally, we completed the profile and home views, adding labels to customize the app for the user as well as buttons for the user to indicate whether they are safe or in danger.

Challenges I ran into

We faced several different difficulties throughout the process. We had trouble with syntax since it was our first time using Swift. We overcame this obstacle by doing research and learning as we go. We also had some issues with using our time efficiently since some things took longer than others but we were able to get the work done together and finish the project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Integrating the map kit and having it not only display user location but also pinpoints of places where assault has been reported. We also were able to have the pinpoints produce ratings of the incident points. As this was our first time working with a map, we struggled with adding the user location on the map to report an incident but were able to ultimately succeed with online research. We are also proud of integrating the call functionality for users to call 911, the sheriff, or their emergency contact. Additionally, we believe our user interface is extremely intuitive and appealing. The information we provide to users is not only helpful, but we are proud that we were able to link the buttons to outside links.

What I learned

Throughout this hackathon, we learned a lot of technical skills as well as practical skills. This is the first time 3/4 of us have used Xcode, so were able to develop the skill of Swift and really attain knowledge about the features of the platform. From creating UIButtons to setting UIActions, we definitely learned that more goes into creating iOS Applications than we previously thought. In addition to that, we learned how to use each other’s strengths and put them together to create 3 components to our project: the presentation aspect, the informational website, and the iOS Application itself. By collaborating and brainstorming ideas together, we were able to learn how to work as a team and developed strong teamwork skills.

What's next for Safe Haven

Safe Haven has already made significant progress through the 12 hours that we had to develop the IOS application today at XXHacks. However, after the hackathon, our team plans on expanding the application and making it more specific and helpful for every demographic. We want to allow custom emergency contacts as well allow for the user to edit the profile. In addition, we want each user to have the ability to write a comment every time they report an incident instead of just marking the place that the incident had occurred. Overall, we hope to continue adding little details, fixing bugs, and improving our application before putting it on the App Store and giving it to possible users.

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