So, this hack was inspired by stories told to me by people I know. Often times people are curious about someone's culture, religion, etc., but the issue with this is that many times the people who are asked these questions have usually been asked them before and get tired of answering them. That's why we thought that Safe Haven would be perfect for people to ask questions regarding topics they're unfamiliar with anonymously.

What it does

Safe Haven is a private chatroom for topics such as the environment, politics, culture, and religion. Within each topic are further subtopics to help users narrow down what they're looking for. For instance, under religion there would be subsections of various beliefs (e.g. Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Catholicism), and within those subsections will be a brief summary of each and a function to enter a chatroom to ask questions about that topic. Also, within each specific religion subsection will be a tab for a page with general questions and answers.

How we built it

We attempted to build it using Android Studio, as well as html, css, javascript, and a text editor.

Challenges we ran into

Limited coding ability was a big one. We tried our best to make our hack functional, but our limited ability to code a functioning app/website was a major issue.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of the idea itself and how it has the potential to make a huge impact and bring communities together through learning.

What we learned

We learned that we need to work on our coding skills, specifically coding for app and web development.

What's next for Safe Haven

The actual development of the app/website.

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