Our inspiration was based off of our passion for helping those who may not be noticed or helped by appropriate authorities. We know that many people out there are in need of help and so we wanted to take this opportunity to use this competition to get our idea out there. We believed that the theme "Sowing the seeds" meant something of helping nourish others. We believe that every person has right to access their fundamental rights.

We've provided content that is meant to ease their minds and help them gather some form of guidance for self-help. We had added what we believed might be eye opening to those who may be lost. We want to show paths that are meant to be relaxing, that being with our soothing music playlist for those going through anxiety and show others stories via documentaries and movies with significant lessons involved. We tried to inculcate the idea of providing these services at very affordable costs.

At UGA Hackathon 4, we learned leadership skills, working in a group, brainstorming ideas and working with the time. While working on our projects, we faced difficulties like - updating our databases, coping up with the time frame and fixing bugs.We tried implementing a database but however, failed at some point. Still, we are proud of what we kept into and what we learnt through this whole process.We had like to extend our project to a lot more of people worldwide and help individuals. We had like to reach out to professional counselors so we can provide a reliable help to the community.

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