Washing your hands is one of the most effective actions you can take to reduce the spread of pathogens and prevent infections, including the COVID-19 virus. So I built an augmented reality world effect that promotes the use of correct handwashing techniques using the information provided by the World Health Organization on how to wash your hands properly. WHO hand washing The image below shows the most frequently missed parts of the hands when the correct hand washing technique is not adopted. Alt text

What it does

Safe Hands will show you how to wash your hands correctly using a pair of 3D virtual hands and an A.I generated text-to-speech that gives you instructions. The effect will guide you through all the steps required to wash your hands in an interactive way. Users can interact with the faucet, hands, and soap dispenser by tapping on them.

How I built it

The effect was built with Spark AR studio, using javascript and the patch editor. I created the handwashing animations in Blender and imported the models in Spark AR studio. To play the animations I used Spark AR's script to patch bridging. In javascript, I wrote the logic required to switch between each step of the handwashing process. For the voice-overs, I used Amazon Polly, an A.I service that turns text into lifelike speech and generates the audio files in mp3 format. I converted the mp3 files to m4a and imported them in Spark AR studio. I downloaded the 3D hand model from Turbosquid and the rest of the 3D models from Poly.

Challenges I ran into

Animating the hands was challenging and figuring out the best way to import into Spark AR studio.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Bringing this idea from concept to a working application and also creating something that will help combat COVID-19.

What I learned

I learned about all the new Spark AR features and also how to animate 3D objects.

What's next for Safe Hands

Next, I plan to add a way of visualizing the most frequently missed parts of the hands when the correct hand washing technique is not adopted as shown in the image above. And also some minor improvements.

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