We were inspired to take action after the past few years of seeing so many shootings in the news- and wondering what a 'safe gun' would look like.

What it does

We have created a data-driven smart gun with the objective of 1. preventing mass-shootings in public areas, by using geolocation when the trigger is pressed to see if the shooter is in a public area or not. This is sent to a government panel, where moderators can disable the smart gun 2. detecting police brutality, by saving body cam footage attached to the gun after each shot, and making this data publicly available 3. making a large, decentralized database of who fired a gun and at what time, with the hopes that data analysis can lead to trends and predicting criminal activity.

How we built it

We 3D printed the 'safe gun' and housed an arduino with a button as the trigger and an LED to signify a shot fired. We tethered the arduino to a laptop running node.js, so that it can receive geolocation data using ip address, timestamps for each gunshot, and then post the data about each gunshot to a central server. This central server then holds all the public data about gunshots, and hosts the 'monitor' panel using express where authorized users can disable guns, and citizens can view data.

Challenges we ran into

We were using the dragboard 410c initially, and then we pivoted to using the arduino.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-3D printing the gun -Integrating google maps into our front end

What we learned

-Socket.IO -Node.js -SafeTrek API

What's next for Safe Gun

Ideally, the safe gun would not be tethered to a laptop. Instead, it would be using cellular service, and a microcontroller.

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