The app was developed from a group of IBMers that wanted to help in these times of need and psychological impact of Corona Virus. The disease COVID-19 introduced stressors to mental health, including loneliness stemming from social isolation, fear of contracting the disease, economic strain, and uncertainty about the future. According to Public Health Survey run in the United States Adults are three times more likely to report that they’re in severe psychological distress.

What it does

The platform designed with an interface referenced to streaming services such as Netflix and AmazonPrime, unites resources as applications, channels, videos and websites, among other types of content. The focus is to merge in one place the help each user needs to “disconnect” from the current stressful scenario.

When accessing SafeFlix through the Web or an application for Mobile and Smart TV, each user will be able to create their profile and then receive suggestions for personalized content according to their interests. The content will be available for different categories of interests, such as food, diet & recipes, physical activities, meditation & other mental health-related and also entertainment and leisure ones, such as games, books and movies. This customization of content will be possible through IBM Watson Studio and Watson Machine Learning.

To guarantee the security of the users, the “Cloud Foundry at IBM Cloud” will be used, which allows SafeFlix’s applications and services to be deployed and ran in an abstracted and secure environment, while all the information and data used by SafeFlix, including user data, will be stored on the IBM Cloudant.

What languages, APIs, hardware, hosts, libraries, UI Kits or frameworks are you using? Node.js, Vue.js, IBM Cloud Foundry, IBM Watson Discovery, IBM Cloudant, IBM Watson Studio,

How I built it

Our team has implemented a front-end application in VueJs that was deployed in IBM Cloud using Cloud Foundry technology and designed an overview architecture in the platform scope too.

Challenges I ran into

During the brainstorm phase, our biggest challenge was to find the right persona since many people have been impacted by COVID-19 and all of them have different realities. Understanding the possibilities and technologies for developing a recommendation model for our users, and how the recommended data to be consumed could be fetched was also another challenge. Check out our research on:

Accomplishments that I’m proud of

We are proud of creating a group from the same company with different skills. The majority of the group is not from a technical graduation, but we decided to created the app anyway because we wanted to help those who are distressed by this situation. We had the opportunity of finding two members from another area of the company that were able to join the team and help us.

What I learned

We learned how to work as a team using Design Thinking methodology to understand our persona and find the better solution for our users.

What’s next for Safe Flix

• Option to include feedback in the content presented in the app (example: like, stars - tag content to see later and keep history - etc)Option to use the app in other gadgets: TV, Tablets, web, cell phones • Option to select different designs (bigger letters and icons to the older users, customize colors) • Create user’s avatar (to become more personal) • Option to blind people: application read content (voice command in the application - use of Watson APIs) • Option to deaf people: application converts voice to text (example: closed captions - use of Watson APIs) • Option to users to recommend an app, website or content to be added in the application • Content creators have an option to ask for participation in the app (submit their content or add their apps)Option to share content from the app to social medias (Facebook, Whatsapp, email, etc) • Option of automatic update or reminder to update from the app when needed (version update) • Option to use Virtual Reality (to do exercise, prepare a recipe, etc) • Option to shop items from it (example - on a recipe there’s a different accessory that the chef uses and I want to buy, the app allows me) • App suggest content to you based on the history of searches • Option to suggest content to your network directly from the app

Built With

  • ibm-cloud-foundry
  • ibm-cloudant
  • ibm-watson
  • ibm-watson-discovery
  • ibm-watson-studio
  • node.js
  • vue.js
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