We believe that it is possible to both practice safe traveling habits and still being able to enjoy the food you love.

Socially distance yourself and refraining from traveling to highly-concentrated COVID-19 hotspot areas will help us battle with the pandemic, protect your loved ones, and work towards building a safer and stronger community for all.

What it does

Safe Eats is a website where you can enter an area's location to show restaurants that are open there. It also shows you COVID-19 statistics of where that restaurant is so you can choose to avoid eating out at areas that are COVID-19 hotspots.

How we built it

  1. PREPARE BACKEND: Setting up localhost server using JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and json
  2. FETCH API: Using Google Cloud Platform API to filter and display restaurant locations
  3. USER INTERFACE: Setting up a WordPress website as a front-end component using HTML and CSS
  4. INTEGRATE: Taking data from user input to perform queries on Google Charts database
  5. DISPLAY RESULTS: Display results to users with Google Maps embedded graphics and COVID-19 data

Challenges we ran into

Getting API Integration right & trouble hosting the website on Google App Engine

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Deploying Google Maps integration on localhost

What we learned

How to integrate Google Maps' API Host our website on Google App Engine

What's next for Safe Eats

  1. Deploy a mobile app version
  2. Automatically detects user location
  3. Create a database of users with their contribution stats
  4. Display suggestions based on user’s past travel destinations
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