We were inspired by the magic of Clarifai, and its accuracy, to create something that could potentially save lives. Due to a lot of mass shootings, we thought of a way that we could use this technology to decrease the death toll on unsuspecting civilians, and increase the reaction time of law enforcement.

What it does

Using the Clarifai API, the program can detect whether or not a gun is present in the image. If there is a gun present, then then another script is executed. The second script is using the Twilio API that send out a mass text alert to all present near the incident.

How I built it

I began by getting the program to detect guns using the Clarifai APi while my team members used the Twilio APi. We got our programs running, and then merged them together.

Challenges I ran into

Challenges we experienced included learning Python, and how to use both the Clarifai and Twilio API's.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Successfully using the API's and creating the program using Clarifai to call another program using Twilio.

What I learned

Python, and how to use API's.

What's next for Safe Detect

Getting it to work with video, for surveillance camera use.

Built With

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