Walking around the city safely should be essential for every single visitor or inhabitant. Currently, big cities offer exhaustive crime data accessible which is usually not processed in a user-friendly way. We have developed a website in which all this data is shown visually in a map so that the user can get to choose if walking around that places in different times and days could put his safety in risk.

What it does

This server side traduces this crimes in points in the map classified depending on their type. By default the last 24h available are shown but the user can get to choose what period of time must be plotted. A dynamic list of the crimes for the dates selected is also created indicating their number.

How we built it

On the server side, node.js with express has been used and an API has been called to obtain the crime data of LA. The information received from the API is processed through the server side and sent to the client side using ejs. The client side has been developed with html, css and javascript. We use and API of GoogleMaps in order to plot the map of interest.

Challenges we ran into

Working with languages we were not as confident as others.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Successfully built the initial website and proved that the idea is feasible.

What we learned

To program in html, css, javascript and working with useful APIs.

What's next for Safe City

Create adapted Google Maps routes, depending of the number of crimes, and a study of the safety for the routes that Google Maps suggest. Also the user would be able to choose the crimes shown depending on their type.

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