Safe Circle helps keep you and your friends safe from sexual violence when you’re going out, on a date, or just in a situation where you want some extra security. Create a safe circle of your closest friends, write entries with details about your night, and send/receive alerts and check ups.  With Safe Circle you can set up a system of text message alerts that check in on you after an established increment of time. Handpick a group of friends to add to your safe circle who will be immediately texted alerts should you need help or not respond. The text message alert system is discrete and quick, ideal for use in a potentially threatening situation. Safe Circle also allows you to create entries about your night through the Circle My Date feature where you can enter information about where you’re going, who you’re with, etc. You can upload pictures of places you go to and the people you are with and share them with your circle. Safe Circle is about trying to prevent sexual violence and spread awareness about it. You can check out a number of resources to help answer any questions you may have about sexual violence or what to do in threatening situations.

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