Coronavirus is our modern-day villain. Millions of tests are conducted around the world every day. The tests come with long, tiring lines and pose an even greater threat to our wellbeing. As developers, we felt it was our duty to make this tiresome process safer (and quicker) with the help of technology! To limit exposure, we created Covid-19 Checkin so that you can report symptoms to your healthcare provider from the comfort of your own home — simply by talking to your Google Assistant!

What it does:

Our application provides a Covid-19 check-up through Google Assistant by asking the user symptom related questions. The answers are directly transferred to a database where a health providing company (and the user themselves) can review and see if the patient should go do a Covid-19 test.

How we built it:

We split the work into multiple roles: Shrey created the voiceFlow application for the "Covid-19 Checkin" and integrated it with google actions so that it could run on a Google home mini. He also created the backend for the website using node.js and Express. Rushil worked on the python feature to send an email to the doctor with the patients CSV file from voiceflow. Tasfiq worked with data provided from the VoiceFlow application and imported it into a Google database, which was Google Sheets. It was able to update old data and create new data to be viewed in a formal structure. Lastly, Ahmed created a website using Javascript, HTML, CSS and firebase. To talk more about the application, and provide details about what technology we used for our application.

Challenges we ran into:

Working virtually was tougher than we thought it would have been as there is an obvious barrier for communication, exchanging ideas as well as the feeling of a community. With the time constraint and of course the sleep deprivation, we found it relatively stressful to make a large application in such a short amount of time.

Accomplishments that we are proud of:

We successfully developed and launched a fully functional website with user-friendly UI, cross-platform. We also managed to create an advanced voice recognition AI app to minimize face-to-face interactions that might take place at the hospital reception which at the beginning of this hackathon none of us know how to do!!

What we learned:

The most important thing we have learned is how to effectively time manage the tasks and collaborate with other teammates. We were able to do this by creating short and concise tasks for our team to work on for 4 hours before coming back to regroup. In terms of technical skills, we've also honed our web development skill set including HTML, CSS and Javascript for the front-end. Then we deployed the front-end on Firebase. We also learned Voice input technology.

What’s next for SafeCheckIn:

We believe that SafeCheckIn has the potential to be the go-to platform for the patient's initial interaction before visiting the clinic. Though they're just a few things that we believe that we must do before it can reach that level. These things are working on the website a little more as well as coming up with a few other features for users to interact with including specific requests by the patient. We also hope to bring more content to our website in terms of informative news articles. We would also love to implement some interactive graphs for users to interact with so that they can understand how using our platform can save lives!

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