Humanoid Robot for Home Care

The problem we solve

People receiving home care is at risk of receiving an viral or bacterial infection from their care giver. At the same time the care giver visiting maybe 10 to 20 homes every day also risks an infection, and infected caregivers visiting the next person also risk infecting a large number of other vulnerable people.

Our solution

We have build a safe, affordable and reliable avatar for home care. This weekend we evaluate how our solution would fit in an European need to reduce covid-19 infections. We have established a team from Caaresys and I4Life evaluating sensor technology that can rapidly detect a possible Covid-19 based upon the combined measurements of respiraton, pulse and blood oxygen level. A pulse over 120bpm with respiration over 20brpm and SpO2 below 93 indicates a possible infection.

The solution’s impact to the crisis

Our system reduces the need for health workers visiting persons. Reducing the spread of the virus to the community. However, without physical contact we need to improve sensing technology. The hackaton have given us valuable insights on European market and the need to integrate state of the art sensor technology.

The necessities in order to continue the project

Both sensors need to be certified for healthcare, we also need to integrate and test the solution on our robot

The value of our solution after the Crisis

Our solution supports the future sustainability of the home health care sector because of the increased need of care and the lack of care takers. Our solution can reduce the burden to the society.

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